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You Might Be From The Alamo City If...
Uniquely Texas, Uniquely SA

You Might Be From The Alamo City If...

You Think Pro-Choice Means Flour Or Corn Tortillas.

You Think A Health Drink Is A Margarita Without Salt.

You Think A Three-Piece Suit Is A T-Shirt, Jeans And A Baseball Cap.

Your Car Payment Is More Than Your House Payment.

You Remember When Crossroads Mall Was Called "Wonderland".

You're An Expert With The Brake Pedal, But You Have No Idea What A Turn Signal Is.

You Remember When Ingram Mall Didn't Even Exist.

You Used To Live In A Neighborhood You Wouldn't Even Drive Through Now.

There Has Been A Road Crew On Your Street Since Before They Started The Alamodome.

You Remember The Tri-Party Downtown Construction Project Nightmare.

You Remember When KTSA-AM Was The Number 1 Radio Station.

You Know Dan Cook Coined The Phrase, "It's Not Over Til The Fat Lady Sings".

Your Idea Of Culture Is Wearing A Spurs T-Shirt.

You Think The Last Supper Was At Mi Tierra Restaurant.

You Do You Grocery Shopping At A Flea Market.

You Think Local Politicians Are Crooks, But You Still Don't Vote.

You Think Being Able To Read The Taco Cabana Menu Makes You Bilingual.

You Have 3 Rodeo Outfits, But You've Never Been On A Horse.

The Alamo You Have Never Been To The Alamo.

You Have A "Selena Lives" Sticker On Your Car.

You Care If San Antonio Is In The "National Spotlight".

You Believe A Diet Of Tacos, BBQ, Big Red And Jalapenos Is Good Nutrition.

Your Subwoofer Is Twice The Value Of Your Car.

You Think Wearing Bows In Your Hair Will Get You A Husband.

You Know That A Real San Antonian Would Never Say "San Antone".

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