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Notable Texans by Region
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Notable Texans by Region

Texas Regions
Central East Gulf Coast North Panhandle & West South

On the organization of my completely subjective list:

If someone was born in one city in Texas, but raised in another, the Texan will probably be listed in the latter city (this is also so NY-born folks like Michael Dell can be included);
however it is possible that you'll find the Texan in the birth city (like Matty McConaughey, who was born in Uvalde).

Like I said, its my completely subjective list (which is also why certain people will not be included at all!).

Lil Tex

A (not so) Wee Note on the Image Map:

I didn't create this image map; my own is on its way. The image map above is not intuitive to those familiar with Texas regions and cities.

For example, on this image map, Abilene falls in the Panhandle section of the state.
This is obviously incorrect.

I have organized cities based on general perception of where they are in the state.

So you will find Abilene under the Panhandle & West Texas section, over the cries and objections of the image map.

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