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Rental Car Rates - Especially Prepared for Roderick T. Gaines

Dollar Rent-A-Car:
Rates, Reservations, and Rules

My New Car
(Except you can't rent this one!)

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Print it. Read it. Know it.

Dollar RAC Rates

May 18 - May 22
3 pm - 3 pm*


May 19 - May 22
9 am - 3 pm

Full Size (Intrepid) Intermediate (Stratus)
Base Rate Total: $387 $315
Taxes, Surcharges And Fees:
One Way Charge $0.00** $0.00**
Vehicle License Fee $0.81 $0.81
Concession Fee Recovery $43.00 $35.00
City Excise Tax $6.00 $6.00
Transportation Fee $5.30 $5.30
7% Tax $30.16 $24.56

Total Estimated Charges:
$472.27 $386.67

*Pick-up and drop-off times must match. Otherwise they charge ya more!
**It's built into the rate.

Dollar RAC Reservations

Go here to make reservation.

There's no difference in price between renting Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning.

No credit or debit card is needed to make the reservation.

When the vehicle is picked up, Dollar will get an authorization for $250 or the estimated cost of rental, plus 15%, which ever is greater.

For the full-size vehicle the authorization would be for approximately $542.8, and the authorization for the intermediate vehicle would be for $443.90.

Dollar RAC Rules

Go here for general rental rules.

To arrive at the Dollar counter you must ride the common car rental bus provided at the airport (which is the $5.30 Transportation Fee above).

Driving is restricted to the continental United States and Niagra Falls, Canada.

Vehicle must be returned with full tank or local refueling charge applies. Renter may purchase a prepaid gasoline option and return the car with the gasoline tank less than full, without refund.

Alternate suggestion: Don't rent a car at all (since this new version combined with the plane tickets is much more expensive than the original plan that I researched) and I'll just mail most of my stuff back. It'll probably cost a hundred bucks, but that's still much less than a one-way car rental.

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