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Rental Car Rates - Especially Prepared for Roderick T. Gaines

Rental Cars:
Rates, Reservations, and Rules*

Companies Full Size Premium Terms Debit Card for P/U?** My Comments Website
Advantage $209.65 $234.61 geographic restrictions may apply (western us) No You're a turkey Advantage RAC
Alamo $231.95 $235.99 Geographic and mileage limitations unknown Yes; cash payment can qualify with utility bill Turkey you are, says Master Yoda. Alamo RAC
Avis $225.99 $226.99 Geographic and mileage limitations unknown No; cash rentals must be pre-qualified You're a turkey Avis RAC
Budget $214.99 n/a 150 mi/day who cares? you're not using them! Didja know you are a turkey? Budget SAT
Dollar $193.99 $202.99 Unlimited miles in CONUS Yes*** This one! Pick this one! Dollar RAC
Enterprise $193.95 $204.95 Restricted to NM, OK, AR, and LA Doesn't matter... And you're a really big turkey! Enterprise RAC
Hertz $225.99 $245.99 Unlimited mileage in CONUS Doesn't matter... Boo! Too much! Hertz Corp.
National $214.99 $225.99 Unltd miles; CONUS inclusive unknown No; can cash pre-qualify Too much! And you're a turkey. National Car Rental
Thrifty $209.95**** $329.99 Unltd miles for AR, LA, NM, OK only; surchage for remainder of CONUS Yes**** Why pay more? Use Dollar. Thrifty Car Rental

*All prices are from Expedia and are for the rental period May 15, 2002 to May 21, 2002, picking up at 8AM and dropping off at 5PM.
**Most rental car companies require a credit card when picking up a vehicle; a debit card can usually be used to pay after returning the vehicle.
***A 'car industry-type' credit check is performed when a debit card is presented for reservation.
****After your birthday this year, you can get a senior discount from Thrifty. Should you decide to use them, don't go through their website, the prices are much higher. Instead go to Expedia to get the rates listed above. Debit cards used for reservations must have $200 available credit plus the estimted cost of rental (and can't be used for premium rental, just full size).

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