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Notable Texans of South Texas and the Valley

South Texas & the Valley
Notable Texans

Robert Rodriguez--as many directors do, he likes to keep his head covered! Vital Stats
Nee: Robert Rodriguez
Born: June 20, 1968, San Antonio
Raised: San Antonio
HS: St. Anthony's HS, 1988
College: UT

Spouse: Elizabeth Avellan, 1990
Spawn: Rocket Valentin (m), Racer Maximilliano (m), Rebel Antonio (m).

Wrote Rebel Without a Crew about his experience making the film El Mariachi.

His filmography includes two sets of trilogies: The Mariachi Series and The Spy Kids Series.

His very first movie was "Bedhead", a family movie starring his real family.

His first published artwork that won an award was "Thumb Thumbs" [creatures whose arms, legs and head are thumbs] kicking an eyeball around like a soccer ball...20 or so years later, they were on-screen in Spy Kids.

The Union Underground
Vital Stats
Nee: Union Underground
Born: San Antonio

Had a rock radio hit in 2000 with "Turn Me On Mr. Deadman" from the album An Education in Rebellion.
Columbia Record's Union Underground Site.

As he was when we first knew him...
Vital Stats
Nee: Henry Jackson Thomas
Born: September 8, 1971, San Antonio
Raised: San Antonio

Height: 6' 1"
Plays in a band called The Blue Heelers.
The Blue Heelers have been seen on an Austin public access show called "The Hondo Show".
Had strong performances in Gangs of New York and the underrated All the Pretty Horses (written by the surprisingly non-Texan Cormac McCarthy).

...and as he is today.

Matty McConaughey Vital Stats
Nee: Matthew David McConaughey
Born: November 4, 1969, Uvalde
Raised: Longview
HS: Longview HS, 1988
College: UT
Height: 6'
Mother: Kay (Kathrine)
Father: "Big Jim" (James), deceased 1992
Dog: Miss Hug

Was originally cast as Freddie Lee Cobb (later played to perfection by Keifer W. F. D .G. R. Sutherland) in the movie "A Time to Kill", when he heard about casting problems and suggested himself for the lead role of Jake Brigance.

That breakout role in "A Time to Kill" gave Matty nearly instant fame.

Was cast in the role of Wooderson by chance meeting of casting director Don Phillips.

Lived in Australia for one year following high school.

Following his sophomore year at UT, he changed his major from law to film after reading a passage about "forming good habits, beginning now " in the book The Greatest Salesman in the World.

Was arrested in 2000 on drug charges and resisting transportation after Austin police found him naked, playing bongos, surrounded by pot paraphernalia. (All charges were later dropped and he paid a $50 fine.)

The Matty Site.

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