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Did you know that she is from Texas? What about him?

This site is about Notable Texans from the 20th & 21st centuries in areas including: television, film, music, sports, radio, fashion, business, and law...

Select Notable Texans by Region from the menu to the left. Make sure you have javascript enabled to see the menu.

I am still building this site, so some sections or functions aren't active yet.

A Texas Photo Blog

What is a Notable Texan? My completely subjective assessment of a Texan who has made a splash in popular culture or modern history; many Notable Texans are famous, but that isn't a requirement to being one.

Most were born in Texas. Others were "foreigners" by birth, but have significant connections to Texas (Michael Dell, I'm looking at you!).

Stephen F. Austin (or insert any historical Texas figure here), while a Texan of note, is not on this site because there are plenty of websites about Texas history. This site is here to talk about famous and notable texans in modern Texas history.

If the person didn't live in the past 50 years or so, they're probably not here. Many are included, so go to the Regional Map and find out who is on my list of Notable Texans!

Know of someone who's not on the list? Then Email me!

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