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Notable Texans of The Gulf Coast
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Gulf Coast
Notable Texans

ROC Vital Stats
Nee: Evelyn Renée O'Connor
Born: February 15, 1971, Houston
Raised: Katy
HS: Katy HS

Height: 5'4"
Mother: Sandra Wilson
Father: Walter O'Connor
Spouse: Steve Muir (Kiwi)
Spawn: Miles William Muir, b. Sep. 22, 2001
What traditional Texas meal is a canine treat in New Zealand? Read how Renée found out here.

Photo from ETOnline.

Renee Zellweger Vital Stats
Nee: Renée Kathleen Zellweiger
Born: April 25, 1969, Katy
Raised: Katy
HS: Katy HS, 1987
College: B.A., English, UT, 1991

Height: 5'5"
Nickname: Zelly
Mother: Norwegian
Father: Swiss raised in Australia
Dog: Woof

Bares an uncanny resemblance to singer Jewel
2000 Golden Globe winner for Nurse Betty
2002 Academy Award ® Nominee for Bridget Jones's Diary
2003 Golden Globe winner for Chicago
2004 Academy Award ® winner for Cold Mountain

Photo from Trivia from

GW Bailey Vital Stats
Name: GW Bailey
Nee: George W. Bailey
Born: August 27, 1945, Port Arthur
Raised: Port Arthur
HS: Thomas Jefferson High School
College: BFA, Theatre, Southwest Texas State University, 1994

Attended high school with Janis Joplin
Dropped out of college in the 60s to do theater work in Lubbock
Was the artist-in-residence at SWT, his alma mater, 1999-2000
Shares a birthday and alma mater (but not the year of either) with the creator of this website
Classically trained actor best known for his role as Captain Harris in the Police Academy movies
Executive Director of the Sunshine Kids Foundation in Houston

Photo from Gulf Coast Museum. Trivia from and elsewhere.

Jimmy Johnson Vital Stats
Nee: James William Johnson
Born: July 16, 1943, Port Arthur
Raised: Port Arthur
HS: Jefferson High School
College: Not in Texas (U of Ar), 1965
Hair is rarely seen out of place
All-State in high school as a two-way lineman
Head Coach, Dallas Cowboys, 1989-1993
His Cowboys won the Superbowl in 1992 & 1993
(Barry Switzer won in 1995 with the team Johnson built)
Retired from coaching following the 1999 season

Photo from Tim's Cowboy History Page. Trivia from and elsewhere.

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