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Real Celeb Names: Actors

Real Celeb Names: Actors*

Real Name: Diane Hall (already an actress with that name)
Stage Name: Diane Keaton (her mother’s maiden name)

Michael Douglas (already a SAG actor with the name-see below)
Michael Keaton

Michael Demsky, father bornIssur Danielovitch Demsky
Michael DouglasKirk Douglas

Winona Laura Horowitz (inspired by a Mitch Ryder album, whose real name was William S. Levise Jr)
Winona Ryder

Coy Luther Perry III (decided on Luke after seeing Cool Hand Luke at age five)
Luke Perry

Robert Krimmer ("Andrew" on One Life to Live; uses his wife's maiden name as his first)
Wortham Krimmer

Real Name:
Stage Name:
Alan Stewart Konigsberg Margaret Hyra Anna Marie Italiano Shelton Lee Jackson
Woody Allen Meg Ryan Anne Bancroft Spike Lee
Eleanor Gow Mandy Rodgers Laura Jean Reese Witherspoon Matthew Ryan Phillippe
Elle Macpherson Portia de Rossi Reese Witherspoon Ryan Phillippe
Thomas Cruise Mathoper Tara Leigh Patrick Martěn Estevez Carlos Estevez
Tom Cruise Carmen Electra Martin Sheen Charlie Sheen
Dwyane Johnson Caryn Johnson Maurice Joseph Micklewhite Joseph McGinty Nichol
The Rock Whoopi Goldberg Michael Caine McG
Christopher Ashton Kutcher Timothy Dick Walter Matuschanskavasky Betty Joan Perske
Ashton Kutcher Tim Allen Walter Matthau Lauren Bacall
Joyce Penelope Frankenberg Alicia Christian Foster Eugene Orowitz Carlos Ray
Jane Seymour Jodie Foster Michael Landon Chuck Norris
Vickie Lynn Marshall Ralph Lipschitz Philip Anthony Mair Heald Frances Ethel Gumm
Anna Nicole Smith Ralph Lauren Anthony Heald Judy Garland

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*This is clearly a non-exhaustive list. And they are (mostly) non Texans. Have other additions? Then email me!